An NCAA compliant recruiting service.
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An NCAA compliant recruiting service!

Passionate, involved, hands-on athletic scholarship recruiting assistance.
Instant access to every College and University in the nation.

"Necessity, who is the mother of invention."
                                                             - Plato

MyRecruit Video

MyRecruit Video is the most inclusive web-based recruiting tool for high school student-athletes of all levels seeking the opportunity to participate in college athletics.
MyRecruit Video was created and developed to give student-athletes an affordable and effective means of creating maximum exposure to college coaches across the nation.
Using a combination of first-hand experience and innovative technology, the hope is that athletes and their parents take control of the recruiting process. By actively promoting themselves, increasing their contact with college coaches, and ultimately making their dreams of playing sports at the,
"Next Level," a reality.

What Does MyRecruit Video Do?

MyRecruit Video is your partner during the recruiting process. It's called the MRV, "Walk Along." As a locally based platform for athletic recruiting assistance, the goal is to work with student-athletes and their families, build a great relationship, and assist all the way to, "Signing Day." MyRecruit Video has invested every resource to develop professional tools for MyRecruits to utilize in order to save time, money, and gain a better understanding of exactly what getting recruited is all about. MyRecruit Video strives on a daily basis to make the service better than it was the day before. 
MyRecruit Video has also shaped the service to meet the needs of college coaches.
The demands on college coaches to recruit, coach, succeed and maintain high academic standards for their athletes can be overwhelming. It is MyRecruit Video's mission to continually develop relationships with college coaches at all levels. All the while, understanding their recruiting needs, providing them with a budget friendly, effective tool that can be used to achieve success.

Why Should You Become MyRecruit?

According to the NCAA, less than 10% of high school athletes are playing their given sport at a member institution. 
Two common reasons are...
1. The athlete waited too late to promote themselves.
2. The athlete had no guidance through the recruiting process.
How to get it kick started, how to keep it going, or how it should end.
Most athletes, their parents, and their coaches, feel isolated from the recruiting process and don't know where to begin.

Begin at MyRecruit Video.

Before an athlete can be recruited, they must first be seen.
No other service can guarantee that if you so choose, your tape will be sent to every college in the nation. No other service will guarantee that 1-2 days after your tape is sent, MyRecruits receive 50-100 e-mails from college coaches. They don't stop coming, that's just the first day or two.

There is a wide variety of so-called, "recruiting services."
Most, will do little more than take $2000 - $4000 of your hard earned money, maybe email you a list of schools you would, "match," and little else.
Most of these, "services," don't know one college coach personally.
How can you represent or assist an athlete when you don't make a phone call, send an e-mail, send a text, meet with in-person, or build relationships?

Answer can't.

That's not the case with MyRecruit Video.

College coaches need to see, hear, and feel the passion you have for an athlete.
Why you feel said MyRecruit is the perfect fit for their program.
Sending one e-mail won't do it.
College coaches get e-mail everyday.

You need a service that won't let up until it hears MyRecruit say, "Coach, I'm signing with..."

MyRecruit Video is that service.

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